No restrictions – No travel – No hassles

Need Help Continuing to Conduct Business Safely Despite COVID-19? We have you covered!

This breakthrough technology automatically translates slides, chat, Q&A, polls and session controls in real-time to reflect your participant’s preferred language.

The Fully Customizable Web Conferencing Platform Designed for Live Corporate Meetings & Events

  • Artificially Intelligent Translation Automation available in Over 100 Languages
  • Capacity to support an Unlimited Number of Presenters from Anywhere in the World
  • Allows an Unlimited Number of Concurrent Connections and Supports any Device or OS
  • Fully Customizable with Regards to Branding, Layout, Notifications & Registration
  • Supports Full-Screen Slides, Screen Sharing, White Boarding, Q&A and Live Polling
  • Offers A Comprehensive Menu of Pre, Live and Post Event Analytics